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Curing Your Post-holiday blues with some love

06 Feb 2020

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festive holidays in Malaysia. The CNY festive holiday is often spent with great friends and family. This also means that many activities like travelling, gatherings, and makan-makan will be organised, making most of our schedules occupied. So, how was your CNY? We hope that for those of you who celebrates CNY, you have enjoyed yourselves and for those who aren’t, you’ve enjoyed your long holiday or visits to your Chinese friend’s CNY open houses.

[Celebrating CNY]

But, now that the long holidays are over, how well are you coping with your post-holiday blues?
Here are some potential post-holiday blues that you might be feeling after the long holidays.

1. CNY celebration
Have you been busy preparing before CNY, during CNY and even after CNY. You may have visited the malls and wet market more than you usually do for some new year clothings and groceries. Besides, you’re probably the executive chef or kitchen assistant at home, busy prepping and cooking for a huge reunion dinner feast!

*We hope you’re not just sitting around in the living room with your mobile phone … Hehe*

Were you busy visiting relatives from house to house too? Did Kazan got that right?

*well, it all depends on the numbers of aunties and uncles you have. We hope there weren’t any nosey questions for you..*

2. Physically exhausted
If you’re travelling back and forth from your hometown, high chances are you’ve been stuck in a hectic jam, lack of sleep or having inconsistent sleeping time.

3. Still fitting in those trousers?
Are you gaining some extra pounds from those huge reunion dinner feasts, makan-makan gatherings and from those CNY cookies that you just can’t resist?

Don’t worry, now that you don’t have any better reason to cheat on your diet, ring up your gym buddy. Challenge one another and see who’s performing better.

4. Home sick
Either you or your friends and family have travelled all the way back home for CNY and now that the celebration has come to an end, it’s time for us to travel back to where we were. Could you be missing them and those great moments you’ve shared during your CNY gatherings?

Give them a call or compile and share your photos on social media to relive those moments.

5. Financial Stress
Did you overspent during the holidays for travelling, makan-makan, giving out ang paos, and purchasing other CNY items? If you’ve overspent, start budgeting yourself for next year’s CNY.

You may plan your travel smartly by leaving a few days earlier or travel during the off-peak hours. You could also set a fixed budget and go easy with your snacks and decorations as well as giving your ang paos wisely.

If you’re still receiving red packets this year, enjoy the pleasure of counting your money. Remember to spend it wisely!

So, are you really feeling some of these potential post-holiday blues? If you are, don’t worry, we feel you. We have an idea to curing your post-holiday blues! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We sense that you may be feeling some love in the air…

To beat your post-holiday blues, Kazan would like to share our love to you and your love ones.

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