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Cashless Transaction: The New Normal That You Did Not Know

29 May 2020

Having our government started with the award payment of RM30 for the e-Tunai Rakyat program in January 2020, there is much to talk about going cashless payment and moving towards a cashless society today! Becoming a cashless society in the nearest future and adapting digital payments has always been encouraged by our government for greater efficiency and transparency.

We bet that you have not only heard about the different platforms of e-wallets as well as sharing them with your friends and family, but you have been making cashless payments too!

Does it not remind you about your last visit to that favourite dessert store? Scan a QR code and indeed your payment has been transacted without you paying cash. Oh, and claiming those rewards too! Sounds amazing isn’t it?

Have you been utilizing cashless payments more often at home during the MCO? Staying at home has made us crave for all kinds of food but with the implementation of cashless payments using e-wallets, we are making more online orders, contactless payments and minimizing human contact. Not just that, cashless payments have been a crucial part for our society to support local businesses too. According to TheStar (28 April 2020), GrabPay Malaysia’s cashless payments have grown about 1.7 times since the MCO.

But, what happens to cashless payments after our MCO, Covid-19 and the future of Malaysia moving towards a cashless society? Will cashless payment be the new normal for Malaysia? You have heard and perhaps utilized cashless payments; however, do you truly know why you should be using them? Here is what you might not know about utilizing cashless payments

Your safety
RM500!! Would you feel comfortable carrying a large amount of cash while you are out? It is obvious that physical cash is an easy and tempting target for criminals. So why risk your safety when you could reduce the risk of robbery?

Convenience – Speed transactions. No More Queues
In today’s fast paced life, convenience is everything and what we are after aren’t we? Why visit the ATM and join the queue when a few clicks allows you to transact an amount of cash to your e-wallet to make a purchase? Why wait for the drive-thru queue when you could place an order online and collect when your order is ready?

Better control over spending
We all know that at times, spending can just get out of hands. Before cashless payment, listing down all expenditures was the only way to track how much you have been spending. However, by going cashless with e-wallet today, every transaction completely leaves a paper trail. Every transaction and expenditure you make is recorded on your transaction history in your e-wallet. You can analyse your spending pattern.

Never-ending REWARDS!
If you have not utilized cashless payment, you are really missing out on the irresistible benefits of the never-ending rewards.

With the benefits of cashless payments, every outlet today would at least have the best few e-wallets app available for their customers.

How KAZAN, The World’s 1st Pocket Cheese Toast is also encouraging cashless payments
We are encouraging cashless payment with food deliveries such as Fave and FoodPanda. Not just that, cashless payments are also available for drive-thru services with Drop (Drive-Thru).

DROP (drive-thru) is unlike the traditional drive-thru services where you could only place your orders as you arrive at the drive-thru station and wait for your takeaways. DROP helps you skip the long queues, long waits and save time – in just a click away by placing your orders to immediately collecting your takeaways when you arrive at our designated spot. Don’t worry, you do not have to get out of the car. Wait at Kazan’s designated pick up spot: North Zone Entrance (In between Starbucks & Morganfield) and we will be bringing over your orders for you.

food panda


How Does DROP The Real Drive-Thru Works?

You have been enlightened with the benefits of why you should be utilizing cashless payments and how KAZAN, The World’s 1st Pocket Cheese Toast has encouraged cashless payments too. In no time, cashless payments will be the new normal for Malaysia, a cashless society.