“THE VOLCANO” a Japanese style dairy bread shop that was inspired from an architect’s childhood favourite “French toast” together with an enormous love and passion for dessert. But who would have thought that an architect graduate would open a “dessert shop”?

Back in those days, bakeries with fresh, yummy and tasty breads were hard to come by. Hence, this led to the architect’s genius idea of opening a dessert shop that serves quality ingredients at affordable prices! Here are how our businesses have evolved from a dairy bread shop to having a new type of Pocket Cheese Toast that allows customers to enjoy easily and conveniently.

About Us

Lets start with History of The Volcano


The first ever outlet of Volcano dessert shop at Chiang Mai University


We outgrew our tiny little shop and expanded the Volcano dessert Café behind Chiang Mai University, a central meet up point in PP Place in front of Soi 5 Suthep road. A humble dessert toast shop transformed from a dessert shop into a dessert cafe at livelier location filled with restaurants, kiosks and university students


Gaining popularity among the local crowd, The Volcano expanded to their 2nd branch at Nim City Daily, Airport Intersection and quickly became a hit among international tourists!


A new authentic Japanese dessert shop “Sofuto Cream” by The Volcano was created to cater to ice cream lovers.


Cheese has always been a popular topping, so we decided to create a product you could hold and stretch to your heart’s delight and Pocket Cheese Toast was born.

Check out the full details and story at THE VOLCANO

About The Kazan

How The Kazan Began

Kazan Started

The interesting story of how The Kazan was found started off with a group of great friends travelling as tourists to Chiang Mai

They bunkered down and ordered something of their menu. Their first bite into the toast was overwhelmingly tasty that in the year of 2018, the group of friends right there and then decided to share the amazing taste of the toast in Penang.

Meet the Volcano Team

They reached out to The Volcano team and found common goals and vision. The Volcano team decided to entrust this group of friends with their first overseas expansion as they resonated the same values that The Volcano lives by.

Conducting research

The group of friends started doing A LOT of research to understand the market. Putting all their collective skills to work, they started studying and understanding if the market in Malaysia was ready for these awesome desserts.


The Volcano was then renamed to Kazan Dessert in Malaysia due to trademark availability and after 1 long year of planning and training, and with a bit of luck, Kazan Dessert will finally open its doors to customers in Queensbay Mall in January of 2020.