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5 Things to Expect When You Visit Kazan

13 Jan 2020

Have you been stalking us? Because if you did, you must have read our first blog, 2020: The New Evolution of Toast. We’ve warned you that beyond doubt this New Year will bring New Taste, New Fun and New Moments to your New Temptation. So, here’s what you should expect and know when you visit Kazan.

[Japan’s architecture and interior design]

1. Timeless Japanese Design – Serenity and Simplicity

At Kazan, one word sums up our interior: Zen. Yes, we’ve incorporated the tradition of a thousand years of Japan’s architecture and interior design – Kohji & Shoji, Engawa, and Wabi Sabi with today’s modern touch, allowing you to experience a serene yet cultural Japanese interior design as you step into our store. Every element in our store reflects the spirit of simplicity in a modern way yet rich in details.

[Kazan store interior]

2. Spot who’s in the house!

You’ve seen the interior of our store. Did you spot who’s in the house stretching her super cheessyyy toast?

[Cow figurine in Kazan Store]

Isn’t she cute? You know what you should be doing during your visit to Kazan. Obviously…take a selfie with our cute Ms. Cow!

We’re not calling her Ms. Cow for real…are we? She needs a name. Kazan ponders…

That aside, indeed, we’ve revealed our wide menu selection! Let’s dig right into our savouries!

3. Enjoying the premium

At Kazan, we insist on serving you our desserts made of premium quality products. We have custom made our special bread recipe, serving you NO preservatives in our buttery yet fluffy bread. Besides that, our products like Matcha Green Tea powder, Melon and Murasaki sweet potato are imported from Japan, our dairy products from New Zealand and our teas are from Thailand. Dayum!

[Imported products from all around the world.]

We have so many choices on our menu and you can’t decide which you should try first? Don’t worry we have thought it over for you. As we grand open on the 18th of January 2020, we’ll be serving you our first wave of HERO PRODUCTS!

Pocket Cheese Toast

*Wait…what’s the difference between these 2 cheese toasts? *
*Hmm..try all 2 of em’… (smirks)*

Pocket Cream Toast

Ice Beverage

4. How to have fun with our toast?

Make a guess…how long do you think our stretchable cheese could stretch up to?

[Stretching cheese from pocket cheese toast]

Well, our cheese could stretch up to a 100cm! Do you have that stretching skills to beat our score? We dare you to!

Invite your friends and family to try our new and challenge them to stretch their cheeseee. Don’t forget to take a picture to show off your skills!

*Pssst…hey you, a cheese stretching contest might happen real soon. You better start working on those cheese stretching skills. *

Be sure to stay tuned with us to know about the second wave of our hero products – Fruit Toast.

When can you start tasting Kazan’s premium and have some fun with cheese??

5. Grand Opening

We will officially have our grand opening on the 18th of January 2020. We are open at 10.30 AM till 10.30 PM at Queensbay Mall, Penang, Malaysia (in between IPPUDO and Starbucks).

*Join us on our big day! Pakat mai sekampung untuk cuba roti Keju legendary ini*

*Also, we know your cousins, aunties and uncles will be back during Chinese New Year. Don’t sneak up at Kazan alone without JIO~ing them ya..*

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