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2020: The New Evolution of Toast That You Should Know

09 Jan 2020

If bread has been a big part of your diet, do you know the origin of bread – who and when was it invented? Let us inspire you with what you should know about bread. Did you know that bread has been prepared for at least 10,000 years ago in a thousand different forms? It’s an important source of carbohydrates that’s portable and compact, which explains why bread has been an essential part of the human diet across many cultures. Bread has been a symbol and a bond for uniting people of the world from baking different types of bread texture and flavours together every day and creating genius inventions to evolve the process of bread making. But how was bread created and how did we manage to enjoy our favourite toast for breakfast?

[Bread making process in Egypt]

Malaysia’s Modern Twist

Well, toast has been a favourite breakfast option for most Malaysians. Are you a Malaysian? How do you like your toast? We’re not referring to the English breakfast where you get toast, baked beans, bacon, eggs and tomatoes. We’re talking about that multi-ethnic toast, Roti Bakar, you last enjoyed in that Malay warung, old Chinese Kopitiam or roadside stall manned by Indians. Sounds familiar now? That Kaya (coconut spread) and butter or peanut butter slathered over the crispy toasted pieces of bread that usually comes along with soft-boiled eggs cracked into a glass and you flavour them with soy sauce and white pepper.

[Roti bakar & Soft boiled eggs]

So, is that it? Are we going to stick with just Roti Bakar? How about some stretchable cheese, flavourful cream or fruits in your toast? It’s time to surrender your taste buds and discover the next chapter of bread.

The New Evolution of Toast

Discover Kazan Cheese Toast, the next chapter of bread. What can you expect from Kazan? You’ll be spoilt by their wide menu selection (we’ve slipped out some hints above) and definitely a great bonding time with your friends and family when you enjoy Kazan’s toast together.

Beyond doubt, this New Year will bring New taste, New fun and New moments to your New Temptation. You have been warned!

[Kazan toast grand opening]

Kazan will be opening soon in Queensbay Mall, Penang, Malaysia. Want to know more about Kazan? Be sure to follow their Facebook @kazan dessert by the volcano & Instagram and share this temptation with your friends and family who need the new! Guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.